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Looking for a designer who is talented, daring, controversial and Glamourous? Then you’re looking for Olympia Small-Sonaram. She is known for these Trade Mark on Both National and internationall catwalk. Her legacy of being five-year running, best Costume Fashion Designer has said enough to prove her Creativity, Fearlessness, Perseverance and Professionalism.

We specialize in Designs which are Hand crafted from a variety of blends from Elegance, Simplicity, Skimpy, Spontaneous and sometimes down right Outlandish Outfits. These includes Sensual Lingerie, Sexy Swim Suit, Professional Business Suits, Cultural Carnival Costume, Magnificent Evening Gowns and simple Casual wear.

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Check out my latest designs from "LA SKIRT" fashion line. You can view the entire collection at

2015-06-21 18:19:09

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